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July Instructor Spotlight: Sarah Doran!

July Instructor Spotlight: Sarah Doran!

Q+A with Sarah Doran:


Software Trainer/Barre-Pilates-Yoga Teacher extraordinaire

What sparked your interest in yoga, Pilates, and/or barre?

I was working as a hostess at a Jazz Restaurant and teaching Yoga in Oakland, CA when I was poached by a local Pilates and Barre Guru to come learn and teach under her.

What fuels your inspiration and creativity?

It's pretty simple, I like to teach what I like to do. If I take a class and I like something, I then try to incorporate the movement or exercise into my own class.

Favorite pose or workout?

Lunges, Squats, Seat Work (I like booty stuff)

Wellness is important to you because…?

Treating my body with the care that it deserves has positive effects mentally as well as physically. I find myself happier in general.

Three words to describe yourself today?

Silly, focused, intuitive (and judging from the 3 words, all over the place?!? :))

Favorite jams to listen to while teaching?

I feel like the people that take my class know the answer to this... ROBYN, Lady Gaga, Little Dragon, Beyonce- I have a thing for strong female vocalists with a sick beat

Favorite affirmation and or/quote?

"You do just what you can and have as much fun as possible" -Frank Ocean

What challenges have you grown from and overcome while teaching and/or while practicing yoga, barre, Pilates…?

Yoga helped me rehabilitate my shoulder after I had dislocated it a couple times. Pilates has taught me how to have a core (no, seriously, I had no idea what abdominal muscles were/how to turn them on before Pilates)

Favorite Brooklyn cafe?

ROOTS!!- just "discovered" it, totally believe the hype.

Coffee or tea?

Copious quantities of both

Last movie you saw in theaters…?

Ughhh promise you won't tell? Alien Covenant... I can feel the judgements already...

What brings you the most joy?

I know it sounds cheesy, but I LOVE teaching, it's really one of the best parts of my day.

When can we take your class?

Tuesday Evenings, Friday and Sunday Mornings. I am also teaching a DJ-ed yoga flow class on August 12th which you can sign up for by clicking HERE!

Favorite songs to listen to while riding the subway?

Sign up for classes with Sarah HERE!

Myofascia: the mind’s access to the body

Myofascia: the mind’s access to the body

Align BK in Wanderlust Weekly!

Align BK in Wanderlust Weekly!